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Mango Studios

When this Toronto-based photography company needed leads,
we helped bring more traffic than they dreamed.

Stand Out in a Saturated Market

There are good photographers everywhere. So how do you tell customers that you offer something better than good?
How do you showcase that you are spectacular? In the words of Bill Gates, “Content is King.”

We worked with Mango Studios to build a content marketing strategy that would take them from ‘unknown’
to one of the most sought after photography services in Toronto.

Ranked No.1

500% Increase in organic leads

Lead Generation

They took the #1 spot in critical industry search keywords

Website Visits

1,000% increase in website traffic

We didn’t go rogue

One of the most important things we can do for our customers is to partner with them, not steamroll them with our ideas. With Mango Studios, we worked together to get a deep understanding of how they wanted their marketing to look and feel. With clear direction, we were able to make their dream a reality – a website that wasn’t only visually stunning, but brought traffic as well.

seo case study

TheSolution we implemented

we implemented

mango studio seo case study

The website

We offered them a new plan for how to structure and write their content, to make it more exciting and appealing, and to make sure it was optimized for the best search engine visibility.

Media agency seo

Content Marketing

When a couple is planning their wedding, they read. They research. They pin. They’ll see thousands of ideas before they’ve made all their selections. So, a successful marketing strategy includes being seen, hopefully multiple times. We taught Mango Studios how to engage on multiple social media platforms, write educational content, and actively seek opportunities to be featured on blogs and websites. This exploded their exposure, and started an epic increase in lead generation.

event seo

Strategic SEO

You can do everything right and still not be seen if you don’t consider the importance of SEO. It isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the key to unlocking real growth for your business. 2M’s expertise in SEO is second to none. Applying our SEO strategies to Mango Studios website, content, and guest posts allowed them to climb to the top of the SERP, reaching 1st position for most of their main keywords.

A winning content marketing strategy encompasses PR, blogging, guest posting, strong webcopy, and an experienced marketer developing your SEO. For Mango Studios, trusting us with their marketing plan proved to be exactly the breath of fresh air they needed.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

It was 2Marketing’s guidance that allowed us to take our photography studio from a small, Toronto-based studio to one of the most successful in the GTA. Since working with 2Marketing, we are booking further in advance than we ever thought we would, and continuously see increases in our website traffic. 2Marketing came alongside us and taught us strategies we can implement on our own to continue seeing growth. We always felt like they were in our corner and were rooting for us. Thanks, 2Marketing

Mo & Nancy
Mango Studios

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