Andrey Kovalchuk

PhD in Computer Science – About 18 years of software development – Lecturer and researcher in Computer Science faculty – Possesses a Deep knowledge in Linux OSes – C++, Qt, Erlang programming languages – An architect and implementer of fault-tolerance large scale servers based on NOSQL databases and Erlang engines – Hands-on specialist in digital signage projects, including creation of custom…

Boris Epelbaum

An innovative Senior Software Engineer and architect with strong, knowledge of programming in C/C++, Qt, multiplatform frameworks. – More than 20 years of software development Software development, design and implementation of large scale projects – Managing/leading multiple outsourcing teams abroad – Building small and medium sized projects from scratch on enterprise and end-user levels, optimization and refactoring of…

Michael Gotfrid

An innovative, enthusiastic and talented Software Engineer with hands on experience, with multiple platforms and technologies, from .NET desktop (WPF/WinForms) to cross platform and mobile applications (.NET core and Xamarin) Michael is proficient with Object-Oriented programming paradigm, mobile development platforms and concepts and IoT principels.

Dmitry Sorkin

Dmitry has more than a decade of software development experience with various technologies. Proficient with Object-Oriented and Functional programming paradigms, meta and domain languages design, machine learning techniques, relational and non-relational database design principles, and software architecture approaches. Has deep knowledge of Microsoft technology stack, including .Net, .Net CLR, MsBuild, T-Sql and ASP.NET. Designed and developed…

Stas Rivkin

Stas Rivkin is a Senior Software Developer, Consultant, Instructor and an International Public Speacker. He has been developing complex application with various technologies for more than 10 years. His key strength is with C# development, but also enjoys a good Angular/Node challenge. Stas is proficient with Object-Oriented programming paradigm, relational and not-relational database design principles…


Office Entertainment


Web Developer / Designer

2marketing social media
Jennifer Cob

Social Media Manager

Willie Jiang

VP of Sales | Partner - 2Marketing USA

Lina Bider

Accounting Manager