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Leveraging the power of social media

Over the last decade, social media has taken the world by storm. Almost 1.7 billion people worldwide have active social media accounts: that is almost a quarter of the global population. If Facebook was a country, its population would surpass that of China. Over 500 million tweets are posted per day, and in the last twelve months, the revenues of LinkedIn have grown by a massive 44%.

The growth of social media has changed the landscape of business and marketing. That’s why as a leading SEO Company in Toronto, we also help clients do SMM. Social media posts such as tweets and Facebook shares have surpassed word-of-mouth as the primary factor influencing purchase decisions. With such a robust online world out there, businesses that do not have an effective social media presence can easily get left behind. Let 2Marketing show you how your business can benefit from creating or improving your social media presence.


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Social Media Strategy

At 2Marketing, we get to know your brand and develop personalized options that help you reach the clients and customers who are right for your business. We go beyond the typical and dig deeper to create the optimal mix of strategy, marketing and branding to not only reach customers but increase conversions and loyalty. Our expert social media strategists will work with you, your company, and your brand, for the results you need.

Social Media Account Management

Your brand has something to say, but do you always have time to say it? With 2Marketing’s social media account management services we help you present a consistent and continuous social media presence while you can focus on scaling your business. We work with you and your brand to ensure we create messages that speak to your audience and manage posts, comments and other factors that can impact your social media presence and online reputation.

Visual Strategy & Design Services

Your brand looks good on paper, but does it look good in front of your customers? Even the best products can fail when they don’t have the right visual strategy and comprehensive design strategy. At 2Marketing, we work with your brand’s current aesthetic and create improvements that will help shape your image to appeal to your target markets. Whether you have an established business that needs to be invigorated or are a fledgling startup seeking the optimal mix of visuals for your social media accounts, 2Marketing is able to work with you and produce better, stronger visual content.

Campaign Strategy, Management & Execution

Anyone can post on social media; that’s a big part of what makes it social! However, it takes a special set of knowledge and experts like you’ll find at 2Marketing to create an effective social media strategy. Further management is also required to ensure your content is received in the way you want it and to help fine-tune and tweak messages as we seek to fit the needs of your audience.

Community Management

Customers and community is a major part of what makes your company successful, but you need a personal presence to help steer and grow that community. With our community management services, we create a personality who interacts with your customers, answers questions, and presents a unified and engaging image in a timely period to promote conversation and increase positive sentiment online. This can be an invaluable tool for increasing word of mouth sales and overall success of your brand while building authority within your market.

Online Advertising & Paid Social

With ever-changing algorithms and social media ecosystems, it is often necessary to consider and include social media advertising to best reach targeted markets and execute desired tactics aligning with specific goals. With 2Marketing’s online advertising and paid social media marketing team, we help our clients exceed their goals, reach their customers and optimize their dollar spend. From influencer endorsements to pay per click campaigns, we can help strategize a paid social media campaign to fit your company and your budget.


2Marketing offers comprehensive social media consulting services that help you strategize content and decide on a path that’s right for your business and brand. We help you create your brand image and social media presence and give you expert advice and recommendations for how to mitigate negative social media and optimize your positive interactions. We also help you find and reach out to your community to further brand loyalty and engagement among new and existing customers.

Analytics Reporting

Your company is doing well, but can you get consistent results? With analytics reporting, you not only see results, you see how you got them. With this service, we help you reduce wasted time, money and energy on strategies that aren’t working and seek to increase the options that are serving your business well.

Our analytics reporting will help to tell you which social media platforms your customers are engaging with most and what times of days they are most likely to see your posts. Additionally, analytics reporting can help you strategize on which keywords to use, the type of content your customers want and how to optimize your marketing budget to reach the most customers.

Social media plans that generate real results

Social media for business is a lot more involved than simply putting out a few tweets and Facebook posts. In order for it to be effective, a strategy has to be drawn up with your business goals and objectives in mind. 2Marketing will create a customized social media plan that takes into account your products and services, your image and branding, your location, your customer demographics, and more.

There are many social media platforms out there. We will help you determine which ones are right for your business.

Our business social media services include the following:

  • Create custom pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Build your base of social media contacts, and track the trends and sales opportunities within your online community
  • Create YouTube channels and produce videos for use on those channels
  • Engage with your online community and monitor conversations and public perception of your business or brand
  • Share relevant blog posts, reviews and links through your social media channels, increasing opportunities for engagement with potential clients and boosting SEO rankings


Canadians are most prolific users of social media in the world, and this presents tremendous opportunities for Canadian businesses. Business social media in Toronto is growing rapidly as businesses seek innovative ways to reach their potential customers. Toronto`s cultural diversity is reflected in the mix of businesses, and this creates an interesting social media environment that individuals want to participate in. 2Marketing has a team of experts proficient in Internet marketing and social media, who will help your business stand out in this dynamic online world. The citizens of Toronto are bright, curious, and innovative. They review, publish, blog, and spread vital information through the sphere of social media. Savvy business owners will understand the importance of engaging with this active community and use it to spread the word about their business. For the uninitiated, it can be difficult to see how social media will increase sales, but for the Toronto businesses we work with, the results are the proof.