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As a TOP SEO Agency, we have branched out software development.

At 2Marketing software development, we live and breathe the latest technology and help companies around the globe to build great software. From cloud migrations to IoT, embedded software to web & mobile applications, we help you succeed with software complete development process. We simply embrace the “get it done” approach which enables us to bring your vision and goals to life!

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Breaking down the monolith towards micro-services?

Thinking of moving to the cloud? Planning a SaaS solution?

Cloud is a great new tool for developing online applications. Using a great number of easily composed services, we can now develop and deploy highly flexible and robust applications at a much faster pace. We can stop worrying about the platform and concentrate on lowering the price of the solution, while keeping great amount of power at our disposal. Being a new technology, cloud based solutions require extra care when it comes to developing the architecture of the new applications. We are a highly qualified team with a solid experience of developing cloud based solutions and architectures, and will provide you with a robust solution.


  • AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Cloud Offerings – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Storage – Azure BLOB, S3, EBS/EFS etc.
  • Relational DB – SQL Server, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • NoSql DB – CosmosDB, MongoDB, Redis, Casandra, etc.
  • Queues and Messaging brokers – Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.
  • Containers and Orchestration – Docker, Kubernetes etc.
  • Machine Learning – Azure ML, Cognitive Toolkit, etc.
  • AI – Bot Services, Cognitive Services


Authoring a SPA application?

Going for the cross-platform?

Web continues evolving with a lot of new versatile and modern frameworks, that incorporate powerful programming languages. Today it’s not a standard look web pages, but rather a new field with almost unlimited possibilities for creating a dynamic, agile and eye-catching content. Besides, those apps have no limits running virtually on every possible platform. Web evolves not only with its tools, but also a with extremely fast-growing communities, which come from the full spectrum of emerging web technologies. Web opens numerous ways for modern scenarios, mechanisms of seamless updates and near real-time collaboration across the world boundaries.


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React / Angular / Vue
  • React Native
  • NativeScript
  • Electron
  • ASP.Net / ASP.Net Core
  • Node.js
  • GraphQL


Dreaming about Apps? 
Deciding between Native and Cross-Platform?

World became mobile with millions of application and billions of handsets. Those, who possesses the knowledge of software mobile development, rule the world. Living online, the mobile applications turned to be personal companions, far away from any other type of software.

For mobile developer there is no option for mistake and there are always cutting-edge technologies. Mobile world is not monolithic, so, modern mobile guru must have an advanced knowledge in almost every mobile platform, choose a proper, often non-trivial approach among numerous possibilities and deliver the right picture to the countless glittering screens.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows UWP
  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Qt


Building a brand-new product? Defining your software architecture?
Modernizing your product? Considering a SaaS solution?

Modern architecture comes with new challenges that previously did not exist. Today’s architectures require not only designing the application, but also the interconnections between component applications. Still, architecture is one of the most crucial parts of the application development, that greatly affects the price of the final product, and the ability to support its development. We can both provide services for creating new architectures and upgrading already existing ones.


  • Software Architecture
    Software Design
    Design Patterns
    Microservices Architecture
    Rich Client Architecture
    Web Architecture
    Azure Cloud Service
    Large Scale Systems
    Service Oriented Architecture


Building an enterprise level product? Defining your software architecture?
Modernizing your product? Integrating a new hardware ?

Desktop market still strong ( 55.79% market share ) and faces new challenges for being more agile, effective and powerful.

The growing demand for multiplatform solutions brings new development tools, such as modern C++, .NET Core and Qt frameworks.

Building a new enterprise-level application, or integrating embedded solution or custom hardware – the modern tools are ready to be used in conjunction for effective architectures and deep OS internals knowledge.

Expanding your product for new platforms or just optimizing it for being compliant with modern OSes – deep code analysis helps eliminate critical issues, bottlenecks and resource-hogging code.

Technologies / Platforms

  • C/C++/Modern C++
  • .NET, .NET Core
  • Qt, MFC, COM, WMI
  • Multiplatform development
  • Electron
  • Code analysis
  • Memory dump analysis
  • Virtualization and hooking
  • Win32 Advanced Services, Linux daemons
  • Process instrumentation
  • ØCustom Binary protocols, network protocols

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PhD in Computer Science – About 18 years of software development – Lecturer and researcher in Computer Science faculty – Possesses a Deep knowledge in Linux OSes – C++, Qt, Erlang programming languages – An architect and implementer of fault-tolerance large scale servers based on NOSQL databases and Erlang engines – Hands-on specialist in digital signage projects, including creation of custom…

An innovative Senior Software Engineer and architect with strong, knowledge of programming in C/C++, Qt, multiplatform frameworks. – More than 20 years of software development Software development, design and implementation of large scale projects – Managing/leading multiple outsourcing teams abroad – Building small and medium sized projects from scratch on enterprise and end-user levels, optimization and refactoring of…

An innovative, enthusiastic and talented Software Engineer with hands on experience, with multiple platforms and technologies, from .NET desktop (WPF/WinForms) to cross platform and mobile applications (.NET core and Xamarin) Michael is proficient with Object-Oriented programming paradigm, mobile development platforms and concepts and IoT principels.

Dmitry has more than a decade of software development experience with various technologies. Proficient with Object-Oriented and Functional programming paradigms, meta and domain languages design, machine learning techniques, relational and non-relational database design principles, and software architecture approaches. Has deep knowledge of Microsoft technology stack, including .Net, .Net CLR, MsBuild, T-Sql and ASP.NET. Designed and developed…

Stas Rivkin is a Senior Software Developer, Consultant, Instructor and an International Public Speacker. He has been developing complex application with various technologies for more than 10 years. His key strength is with C# development, but also enjoys a good Angular/Node challenge. Stas is proficient with Object-Oriented programming paradigm, relational and not-relational database design principles…

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